Feminism Gone Mad- Poor Fellas!

As a woman I give thanks that I can vote, earn great money and have choices. I give thanks to the feminist movement which made all of these things possible and means that I don’t have to greet my man at the door with a martini and ask ‘how was your day master?’

The question I pose is this;

Has this movement gone too far? Have we become so obsessed with women having equal rights that it has thrown the gender equilibrium out of balance again?

Imagine for a second that there were thousands of ‘male only’ gyms-Oh the anarchy! Oh the discrimination!

As it is women are still relentlessly rallying to be accepted into certain male only sports like football. Can’t we just let the poor guys have something to themselves?

There are lots of mens social clubs around but lets face it, get on the nerves of an angry feminist by not letting her in and you’ll have a law suit as big as OJ Simpson’s on your hands. Here’s a good example, my boyfriend showed up to a women’s social club to do a job and they made him wait outside until all the women knew and had agreed upon his entry, just incase he tried to undress them with his eyes. Oh how frightful! Really girls, wasn’t the feminist movement about being strong, independent women yet in this scenario the women acted and were treated like delicate little wallflowers who are easily frightened by the mere sight of man. I bet they all have sex in the dark too because they would be aghast at the very sight of a penis and would probably faint in shock, hand on forehead.


Has anyone noticed lately the plethora of ads which depict males as being really stupid? Males who cannot locate simple items in the household fridge or successfully feed their own children when the woman of the house has gone out? They always cut to the man with a dumb founded look on his face, then the camera spans to the woman who looks at him sympathetically as if to say; ‘Oh, he can’t help being so useless, he is a man.’

Women fought bloody hard in the 60’s for ads of this kind, depicting stereotypical scenes of stupid and naive women to be abolished and now it’s the blokes who have to act this out. Well excuse me, I am not down with this. 


This is not equal! Ladies, if we ever want to be treated like equals lets start acting like it. I think being sexist has done a total 180. This is a world gone mad, too far in one direction, in 20 years time it will be the men be burning their jocks in front of Parliament House.


Lets here it for the fellas, you’re alright as are we.



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